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I liked it so much I bought the store.

Posted in Uncategorized by jerseygator on November 6, 2011
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Our family has been working toward eating in a healthy fashion for a long time. As noted in my last (long ago…sorry) post, we recently changed to eating using a paleo template. I’m fairly strict, Darrol not as much, and the kids are 50/50, as they eat what we cook but are old enough to knosh on whatever they want. Since going paleo I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, getting back down to my college weight; however, I’m a significantly smaller size. Despite not being overweight, I’ve always been a size 6 or so (although I’d gone up to a size 10 pre-paleo). Now I’m a size 2, as most of my weight loss occurred in my middle area (from back-boobs to muffin top, hehe). I look and feel much better, and the inflammation that had flared up in the form of arthritis is gone.

I had been shopping at a small, local natural foods market about 1/2 mile from our house. It was nice to be able to stop in there and get some organic foods or try new things. In early September I stopped in and the owner informed me she was moving out of state and selling the store, which had only been open for just shy a year. We were heading out of town for a family event and we spent much of the drive discussing what we would do if we were to own such a store.

I have an excellent job at Target, which I love. It offers a good salary, good benefits and professional satisfaction. However, it also has its frustrations. I see people at a certain point in their healthcare continuum, usually when they’ve already been diagnosed with an issue and put on medication. At this point, many of the patients are overwhelmed with their diagnosis and my job is to help them understand their medications and how to get the best results from them with the fewest adverse effects. Patients who have been on medications for a while are often unwilling to make lifestyle or dietary changes which can change the need for medication. I thought it would be great to talk to people who were interested in their health before it became an issue. For Darrol’s part he was working at a job which he wasn’t as happy with. He is an excellent cook and would be able to talk passionately about preparing healthy, delicious foods.

It was decided. We were becoming small business owners. Yikes!

The stars aligned and financing quickly came together. Two weeks later we owned Natural Harvest Food Market in Mullica Hill, NJ! Now I spend 4 days a week as a pharmacist, talking to people about their health conditions and 3 days a week as a business owner, talking to people about how to avoid dangerous health conditions! I’m loving it. Darrol talks to people about how to best cook wild caught fish, game and grass-fed meats. We’re both learning the ins and outs of inventory control with perishable products and how to balance our time. We’re making mistakes, but we’re learning. And we’re having fun.

We’re currently in the process of updating the markets webpage, so stay tuned. We’ll be blogging over there, Darrol on cooking and me on health. We’re excited to have you follow us on Facebook and on twitter, if you’re so inclined. Mostly, we’re excited to be on this journey together, as a couple. Wish us luck!!