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The Pot: Hard Cooked Eggs in the rice cooker

Posted in Cooking,locavore,Rice cooker by jerseygator on June 12, 2011

We are lucky to get fresh farm eggs whenever we want from a local farmer, so we eat a lot of them.  I wanted to boil some eggs up to make deviled eggs to take to a friends house today, and figured the rice cooker would be easy and keep the kitchen cool.  Using Alton Brown’s steamer method (found in his book I’m Only Here For The Food), I figured it would be easy!  Our cheap rice cooker came with a steamer basket so I was set.

Fresh eggs in steamer basket

Fill the pot with a bit of water for steam (about 3/4 cup) and turn to cook.  After a few minutes lay eggs in the steamer basket and close lid.  (Do not adjust your set.  The eggs range from white to brown to blue, depending on the hen’s breed.)  Set timer for 12 minutes and walk away.  When timer goes off, remove eggs with tongs and place into ice bath for 5 minutes.  When cooled, crack on flat surface and peel for delicious hard cooked eggs.

I have to say that this is the way to cook eggs.  Kitchen stayed cool, I used very little water (took two batches of 6 eggs each with original water), and the eggs were perfect.  They also peeled really easily, which could be due to their freshness or the cooking method; I’m not sure but every one peeled in seconds with no gouged whites.  I had also laid the egg carton on its side to center the yolks…seemed to work.

Yet another win for “The Pot!”  I didn’t have to spend “forever” peeling the eggs, as mentioned in this classic infomercial for Eggies.  (

Creamy hard-cooked eggs were a breeze