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17 Months Later…

Posted in Friends,travel by jerseygator on October 18, 2016

European Vacation #2

It’s hard to believe that almost a year and a half have flown by since my last post. Much has transpired in that timeframe, both good and bad (miss ya, brother), but life goes on, eh?!

To celebrate my 55th birthday, we took family and friends on another European Vacation and Tracey said that the agenda for this trip was MINE. Since the previous visits had not included Normandy, that was FIRST on my places to visit. It is a place that is awesome and haunting at the same time and a must see for anyone who wants to actually feel what freedom costs, it’s palpable. Check out the video in the link provided, American Cemetery.

After France, we took a train to Brussels. We all fell in love with this amazingly diverse city; diversity in people, culture, architecture, history and more. The Grand Place is the central point in town and a tourist hot spot. grandplace

The centerpiece is the Town Hall, built in 1402, but it is not a church. It was built to administer the commerce of the city. There are some architectural oddities in this building that, once you see, you cannot un-see! Leave comments if you notice any.

One of the other items in my ‘bucket list’ was to visit Bruges!  If you’ve seen the 2008 movie ‘In Bruges’, you know my obsession (I LOVE this movie). If not, be forewarned, it’s a dark comedy/drama. However, the setting is the ‘Most well preserved Medieval City in all of Europe’. Bruges is referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’ for obvious reasons…



Next, it was an alone trip for me, through the famed Ardenne Forrest of Belgium with the destination of Bastogne. For those who do not recognize the name, it was the main sight of the World War II ‘Battle of the Bulge’, where elements of the 101st Airborne among other US troops were  surrounded by the German army whilst defending the city.



Meanwhile, once we were back in Brussels, my two youngest children and their Aunt Annette wanted to try an Absinthe Bar. This one, known for Delirium Beer (available in the USA) had over 400 different types of absinthe available. They didn’t particularly care for any of them!


All in all, a trip with six adults can be challenging at times but it really was a time for all to remember.


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