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Denver Airport is a WEIRD place…

Posted in Uncategorized by jerseygator on May 29, 2015

Imagine being on a long flight (and honestly, what flight doesn’t seem long these days, what with over-booked flights, TSA lines and all). Finally, you disembark your plane. Whilst strolling through the airport on your way to Baggage Claim, you see a brightly colored mural. Hoping it’s scene will cheer you up, you stop for a few seconds and see this…(click on the pix to get the full effect).


Yes, that’s Tracey in the lower left-hand corner frantically doing a Google search on what has to be the most bizarre piece of public art we have ever seen. Para-military, gas-mask wearing, armed with an AK-47 complete with bayonet, gutting the Dove of Peace with a huge scimitar wielding soldier that is centerpiece of a scene of dead babies in their mothers arms stretching past the horizon on one side and bombed-out buildings on the other side.  If I were just ‘talking’ about this mural in the security line, I’d be in a private room, stripped naked, with TSA agents climbing up my…well, you get the idea. Oh, wait, there’s more…


Don’t let the bright colors fool you. Look at the images…Dead mothers and babies (again)…Actively burning buildings…Well, you can see as well as I can, just plain weird.

So let’s move on past the murals (and there ARE more). Perhaps the sculptures aren’t nearly so dark…


Okay, I was wrong. Yes, that’s a gargoyle sitting in a piece of open luggage. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The plaque says that it was modeled to the size of a ‘…fifth-grade boy…’ Kinda specific, ain’t it? That’s REALLY creepy.

Let’s move on to the iconic sculpture outside on the main road in and out of the airport …


(picture courtesy of :

Looks cool, right?  Hard to see the glowing/lighted red eyes in this pic (yes, I’m being serious, they glow). But suffice it to say that the sculptor, Luis Jimenez died in 2006 when a piece of the sculpture’s head broke off and severed an artery in his leg.

Next, we have the five huge buildings that were somehow ‘not built correctly’, so instead of correcting the issues or tearing them down and starting again, they buried the buildings and the connecting tunnels. I’m not going to write about the conspiracy theories of Denver International Airport, as there are plenty of websites devoted to the subject.

In spite of a rather inauspicious start, our trip to Colorado was *AMAZING*!!!  Taylor is ecstatic about living near the mountains and hiking. The views are indescribably beautiful. In the next blog, I’ll describe our first foray into the Rocky Mountain’s, 65 degree weather at the start, lunch at “You Need Pie” and snow & hail to round off day one!


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