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Posted in Uncategorized by jerseygator on August 22, 2012

How many times in life are you up to the challenge of an adventure? Follow Fran’s adventure as an ESL teacher in China for one year!

Teaching ESL in China

Why not?

I moved to New Jersey from my native Vermont in January, 2012 to be nearer to my family. I found a job right away, but three months later found myself unemployed in a tough economy.

I have been, having started work at the age of 15, a camp counselor, a delicatessen sandwich maker, a diner waitress, a janitor, an actor doing children’s theatre, a house parent in a school for the deaf, a UPS driver, a mathematical quotations clerk for a large insurance company, an insurance clerk in a small insurance company, an elementary school teacher, dairy farmer, a baker/owner of a home bakery, owner of a rototilling business, a substitute teacher, a special needs advocate, an EMT with a non profit ambulance, a telephone receptionist, an Executive with a direct selling company, a newspaper columnist, a freelance writer for a newspaper and magazines, an…

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