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The Great Western Train Trek: Day 6 Seattle

Posted in restaurants,travel by jerseygator on November 18, 2010

Ready to catch the ferry back to Seattle!

We left for Seattle early the next morning, catching the early ferry.  We were excited to experience the city as we’ve seen it portrayed in movies, tv shows and literature.  The morning was crisp and we relaxed on the ride back.  Once we hit the city I dropped Mom and Kenz off at our hotel and returned the rental car, walking back to where we were staying.  We opted for the Doubletree Arctic Club Hotel; once a meeting place for Arctic explorers (really!) it was all old wood and thick carpets.  Felt very boys club, but the room was beautiful and comfortable.  So comfortable, in fact, that Mom decided that, rather than explore Seattle, she wanted to take a hot shower and relax, catching up on CNN.

Kenz and I took our GPS and started walking.  We knew we wanted to see two things: Pike’s Place Pier and the Space Needle.  We walked first to the Pier, expected, you know, a farmer’s market.  But WOW, were we surprised!  This place is HUGE and so diverse!  Fresh flowers, fresh vegies, fresh fish and every kind of craft, book, or collectable you can imagine.  It was beautiful and exciting.  Honestly, I wanted to move to Seattle just so I could go to Pike’s Place every weekend.  And yes, we did see the fish being thrown.

On the way in we stopped at the gum wall.  Yep, just what it sounds like. Walking up, we thought the wall was covered with colorful graffiti of some sort but, no, it was gum.  Used gum.  Can something be nasty and pretty at the same time?  Evidently the answer would be yes.

We tore ourselves away from the market and walked through the city to the Space Needle.  Yes, it’s a touristy thing, but come on.  Can you go to NYC without seeing the Empire State Building?  Chicago without the Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now).  There’s something about seeing a city laid out below you that grounds you, as odd as that seems.  We used the telescopes to check out Mt. Ranier, looked over Puget Sound, found our hotel (well, the area anyway), had a Starbucks (of course!) and just chilled.  After leaving we wandered over to the SciFi museum (made for us, obviously) but we knew we really didn’t have time to explore it.  Now we know we’re coming back!  Kenzie bought a Dr. Who t-shirt and we reluctantly left.

We meandered through the city, finding ourselves back at the market.  We stopped at the first Starbucks (as I have friends who work for them and thought they’d enjoy seeing it) without getting anything (proud of us) and then back to the market, where we picked up a few souvenirs. Oh, and found a cool store with a cardboard cutout of David Tenant and a Dalek (score!).  Then back to the hotel to pick up Mom for dinner.

Mt. Ranier

I knew we had to have seafood, so I asked the concierge for a recommendation.  However, Mom really wanted a cheeseburger (!) so the concierge called around to a number of restaurants, finally finding one that would cook a lunch menu item at dinner.  So we went to Ivars on the water and had a wonderful meal.  I swear my salmon’s tail was still twitching.  Soooooo goooooood. (And Mom loved her burger).

On the way to the restaurant we were trying to figure out how many blocks and a local overhead us discussing it.  She politely interrupted by saying “Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Pressure.” Um, thanks lady.  She must have seen the looks on our faces so went on to explain the the streets names are Jefferson, James, Cherry, Columbia, Marion, Madison, Spring, Seneca, University, Union, Pike and Pine.  Lightbulb!  Navigating just became so much easier.

I can’t wait to come back and spend more time in Seattle, especially with Darrol.  This is a foodie’s delight of a city.  It’s also beautiful and clean and you never have to look far to find a Starbucks.


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