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The Great Western Train Trek: Day 5 Victoria BC

Posted in restaurants,travel by jerseygator on November 18, 2010

A quick trip to Port Angeles near Sequim the next morning allowed us to board the ferry to Victoria, British Columbia.  Passports ready, we boarded and settled in for the 90 minute ride.  The ferry was comfortable and equipped with wifi.  Both Kenz and I had been on a computer diet (by necessity) as trains don’t come equipped.  Note to Amtrak:  if they can put a wifi receiver on a bus, I’m sure that a train can accommodate one as well.  Oh, well, it would probably have kept us looking down instead of at the sites so let it go.

Kenz getting a wifi fix on the ferry

For a measly $2.50 we had an hour of wifi to share.  Quick checks of email and facebook for me, and catching up on web comics for Kenz.  Aaahhh.

Upon arriving in Victoria we checked in at the border and requested our passport stamped (you have to ask…guess Canada is not too concerned about us extending our stay).  And just in case you think this is funny, we heard an elderly man in front of us exclaim to his wife “I got to use my passport!”  Yeah, world travelers, that’s us.

Victoria was lovely, although very tourist oriented.  It was an overcast day so we stopped into a coffee shop for a chai and oriented ourselves to the city.  We decided to walk through the city to the castle.  Craigdarroch Castle is a 19th century castle built by a coal baron to show how rich he was.  It’s beautiful…all oak and mahogany and maple, and restored to reflect the style of the time of it’s inhabitance.  We spent a couple hours just roaming through the place on a self guided tour, enjoying the quiet reflection of a different time.

On our walk back to Victoria we stopped at a local booksellers who specialized only in children’s and teen’s books.  The shop was owned by a husband and wife who simply love kid lit.  We love supporting small bookstores and bought a Christmas present for “little Nebby” our grandson due in December.  We also got some good recommendations for new books and Kenzie debated adding to her Harry Potter collection (she has the books in English and Latin, plus British editions).  She regretfully opted out this time, deciding to save her spending cash.

We found a local cafe, The Blue Fox, and stopped for lunch.

Amazing Green Apple Chicken Chipotle Soup, vegie burger and sandwhich at the Blue Fox

We knew it was good as it was filled with locals (funny, you could tell the Canadians by the clothes.  Geez, we Americans need to step it up) and it had a line.  And, hello! it was worth the wait!  I had a green apple chicken chipotle soup (amazing) with the best vegie burger I’ve ever had, while Kenzie went for the turkey club.  The Blue Fox was a fun, funky little place that is worth a trip to Victoria!

We ended our day stopping at a great yarn shop and picking up some new knitting supplies then back on to the ferry for the ride home.  Coming back, the border guard was much stricter.  “Why were you in Canada?”  Just for fun, sir.  “Where are you from?”  New Jersey, sir.  “Why did you come all the way to Washington?”  Taking my Mom on a cross country train ride, sir.  (All suspicious now) “SO, where’s your Mom????”  Um, she’s hanging out with a friend and didn’t want to go to Canada.  Sir.  (narrows eyes) “Well, ok, I guess we’ll let you back in.”  WHEW.



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