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The Great Western Train Trek: Day 4 Sequim, WA

Posted in travel by jerseygator on November 18, 2010


Because of our car v. train accident yesterday, we are running about four hours late.  Evidently, it is not unusual for the trains to run late, albeit not this much.  We were told never to take the train to get to weddings, graduations or funerals!  We’re now on Pacific time, so I was up around 3:30, but dozed off and on until 5:00, when I got up and wrote a little.  The towns just outside our windows are waking up, too, and it’s fun to watch the folks stopping in cafes and coffee shops for their morning jolt.

Coming into the Seattle area and seeing snow topped mountains!

We finally reach Seattle 5 hours later than expected.  As we’d been told by experienced train travelers…Never take the train to weddings, funerals or graduations!  Now we know why.  However, we weren’t on a time table so didn’t mind.  A fellow on the platform mentioned to my Mom that we were the only ones who got off the train with smiles on our faces. 🙂

Smiles, indeed!  We were on the other coast!  After parking Mom and the suitcases at a Starbucks (yep, they’re all over Seattle, of course), Kenzie and I walked up to get our rental car.  Yes…up!  I had no idea Seattle was so hilly.  On our drive to Sequim we noticed that Seattle looked a lot like San Francisco, just not as colorful.

Seattle...better late then never

After picking up the car we drove to Target to get a new GPS unit as ours had given up the ghost.  Then on to Sequim, WA, “The Lavender Capital of North America.”  We were off season, of course, so didn’t go to any lavender farms, but they are everywhere.  Sequim is also in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains so has beautiful weather year round and is on the Dungeness River (think crabs!).  We didn’t have time to explore, but this will definitely be a destination on our next trip.

The ferry ride to Sequim offered beautiful scenery

After taking the ferry to Sequim we settled in at my Mom’s friends home, where we were treated as honored guests.  Lyle and her family had dinner waiting and a list of all the sites.  She and Mom caught up after having not seen each other for years and we relaxed and made plans for the next few days.

Before leaving for our trip, Kenzie had received her passport and was dying to get a stamp, so we decided to take the ferry to Victoria, BC the next morning.  We settled into beds that didn’t shake and big fluffy pillows and dreamed of Canada.


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