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The Great Western Train Trek: Day 1

Posted in travel by jerseygator on October 21, 2010

New Jersey to Washington, DC to Chicago!

Well, we’re off to Washington, D.C.’s Union Station, leaving on a beautiful Sunday morning.  The drive to Washington is easy, but 2-1/2 hours long; on a weekday, it would probably be much longer. In retrospect we realized we probably should have left from Philadelphia…note to self for next trip.

Union Station is quiet this weekend morning.  We easily get our tickets and find our gate before sitting down to wait.


Mom ready to start out on the cross country trip!


My mother immediately makes friends with some ladies from a church group returning home to North Carolina while McKenzie and I take a walk around the station.

The train is a bit of a surprise.  Not knowing what to expect, we are happy to find the seats large and comfortable, with plenty of leg and elbow room.  The car holds about 50 people or so.  For the majority of the day the car is sparsely populated, but that evening it starts to fill up.  We get up and check out the club car and dining car (both pretty small) before returning to our seats for hours of guilt free knitting, reading, watching iTune movies and listening to our iPods.

We chose not to get sleeper cars on the first leg of our journey.  If you’re reading this, let me tell you now so you know….GET THE SLEEPER CAR.  We shared our car with 4 infants who took turns screaming until about 4am.  Not fun.  ‘Nuff said.

Even with the uncomfortable night, the train ride so far is pretty nice.  Much better than traveling by car and much more comfortable than traveling by plane.  We’re going through Virginia for most of the day and the changing leaves make a nice backdrop.  It’s comfortable and stress free, which makes for a nice vacation!


4 Responses to 'The Great Western Train Trek: Day 1'

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  1. Stephen said,

    Earplugs… a must have for any traveler. But sleeper cars are wayyyyy nicer!

    • jerseygator said,

      I had my iPod and used it all night, but Kenz and Mom were out of luck. If I can’t get a sleeper car next time I’ll bring some of those Bose Noise Reducing headphones.

  2. Darrol said,

    Missed you alot during this time…

    • jerseygator said,

      I missed you, too, baby!

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