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The Battle for the Front Yard, Part II

Posted in Garden,locavore by jerseygator on June 18, 2010

Yesterday my neighbor, Donna, stopped by to compliment me on my front yard.  No, I’m not maintaining a pristine, golf-course worthy lawn; I’m creating an edible landscape.  Donna, my neighbor, knows of our family’s interest in local food and organics; she notes that her dog only likes to eat our grass (Bosco is no dummy!), as we practice organic lawn care.  What was funny is that she found herself defending us.

Donna’s sister was visiting from out of town and the two of them were walking Bosco after dinner.  As they passed my house, Donna commented on my front bed.  “But aren’t those vegetables?” her sister asked.

Hops (for home brewed beer) growing along side fence

Donna pointed out the asparagus growing high in the back, the basil, parsley and cherry tomatoes growing by the front stoop, the edible flowers, lavender, pansy and nasturtium, tucked in by some ornamentals, and the two types of sage adding some color and texture.  Then she pointed along the side of the house, where there is a beautiful hydrangea flanked by 3 plum tomato plants in cages, blackberries and hops on trellises, and banana peppers throughout.  On the front stoop are containers filled with green pepper plants, sage and oregano.  On the front yard is a volunteer melon or squash of some sort; we’ll wait and see what develops.

It really makes sense, doesn’t it?

Side yard "before"

Side bed with tomatoes, peppers and ornamentals

Front bed with herbs, asparagus and ornamentals

Front bed "Before"


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  1. Maureen Vines said,

    Yes, it really does make sense, Tracey!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, Tracey and Darrol. It has been very interesting reading about your gardens, Tracey. How is this one doing? I love to cook and the way you write about your cooking is fun and informing, Darrol. Please keep the blogs coming.

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