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Boys night out in New York City – part 2 of 2

Posted in NYC,restaurants by jerseygator on April 12, 2010

When you think of German cuisine, what comes to mind?  For me, it’s sausages, sauerkraut & beer.  Now, think of a place that’s been around since 1936…narrowed the field a bit, eh!  Think Heidelberg Restaurant in New York City, 1648 Second Avenue (between 85 & 86), New York, NY 10028.Heidelberg Restaurant (since 1936)

After s short subway trip back uptown, we easily located the Heidelberg. Bob, Tim and I started with an appetizer of Smoked Herring in a wonderful vinaigrette & some suelze (pork headcheese in aspic). Okay, they’re not your typical appetizers but when in Germany…And, wow, they were very good. The herring was fresh and smoked perfectly (not too fishy) and the vinaigrette was just right (not too acidic). The headcheese was very flavorful with just the right spice. Then it was on to the entrees. Tim & I had the Sausage Platter for two, a sampling of Bauernwurst, Weisswurst, Knackwurst and Bratwurst with potato salad, red cabbage and sauerkraut plus pigs knuckle and potato pancakes. My favorite was the Bratwurst but it’s hard to go wrong with anything that’s pan-fried! Wow, it’s amazing that the Germans live beyond their 40’s! Bob got the Schnitzel a la Holstein – veal cutlet with fried egg, anchovies, capers, home fries and red cabbage. Yes, anchovies and capers, but what a great taste combination, especially with the fried egg. The salty mixed with the sweet tasting veal was perfect and the crunchy breading with the soft fried egg made for a delightful mouth-feel! Needless to say, German beer flowed in abundance, with lagers, pilsners & hof brau Dunkel rounding out the meal. BTW, In my opinion, the Germans are second only to the Irish in making really good dark beer. And just for the record, I’m both Irish AND German! Unfortunately, there was no room for dessert this time around, but we did try some underberg bitters. Okay, we should have skipped the bitters, but now it was time to head back to South Jersey. I will add at this point that as I was driving the Benz out of NYC, Tim said to me, ‘Darrol, you drive like a New York City taxi driver, and I mean that in the best possible way!’ Tim, my brother, I take that as a compliment! I honestly had an incredible time and hope that we can do it again very soon.


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