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Boys night out in New York City – part 1 of 2

Posted in Uncategorized by jerseygator on April 9, 2010

Single Malt Scotch – Admittedly, Scotch is an acquired taste.  But once you do acquire it, it’s with you for life.  Many years ago, I had a penchant for single malt scotch. However, the desire to stay married and avoid financial ruin (yes, they can be expensive) caused me to give up regular drinking of SMS’s. Fast forward 25 years or so & enter stage right, two of my best friends, Bob and Tim (whose last names shall remain anonymous in order to protect the guilty).  Bob runs an Internet business and through one of his contacts, was offered attendance to a SMS tasting in New York City.  Needless to say, when asked if we would like to attend with him, both Tim and I took scant nanoseconds to reply in the affirmative (I believe, ‘HELL yes!’ was my reply).   On to April 8, 2010.  I offered to drive and stay reasonable sober, so my two compadres could enjoy the evening to it’s fullest.  Keep in mind that Bob grew up in NYC & knows most of the where’s & when’s of the Big Apple.  With Bob & Tim navigating, we make it into the city with plenty of time to spare and so decide to park the car in a garage (yeah, I know) so we could enjoy the evening.  First on the agenda?  A haberdashery for yours truly (okay, my penchant is now for hats). With Tim and his Iphone’s help, we located a place near the garment district and I score, big-time (you’ll see pix of that later).

Tim lending a hand

Next it was on to a private club nearby and the Tasting. Let me just state for the record, Estonians are cool.  Here we met Ross Hendry, a true and wonderful Scotsman, of BB&R Spirits representing Glenrothes distillery in Scotland.  Despite Tim’s attempted computer intervention, the Powerpoint presentation was a bust; However, Ross was unperturbed and went right ahead with a very nice presentation of the distillery & how scotch is made and how Glenrothes does it differently than other larger distilleries.

Bob & Tim

We had six different scotches to try, ranging from the Select Reserve to a 1975 scotch (Yes, distilled when Gerald R. Ford was in office and I’m pretty sure, before Ross was born). I won’t describe each various vintage here (if you’re really interested, all three of us took notes on each sampling and we’d love to share that with you off-line) but suffice it to say that it was 90 minutes of pure Scottish pleasure.  The 1985 was our favorite and the overall winner by the majority attending.  Just for your edification, the 1985 runs about $125 a bottle and the 1975 about $500 (refer to sentence 4 above).  With the evening still young, it was now off to dinner, but where to eat?  Dear God, this is New York City.  The diversity of culture and food is like nowhere else in the world.  Virtually anything you might want in a 10 mile radius, within reason.  A quick hop onto the subway and we were ready to eat.  Where, you ask, did we choose?  The answer to that and more in part two of  ‘Boys night out in New York City’.

The Empire State Building


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  1. Sharon said,

    I’m so glad you boys had fun. When will Part 2 of 2 be published?

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