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Cyzer – 4,000 year old recipe

Posted in brewing by jerseygator on March 5, 2010

This past weekend my first batch of Cyzer turned two years old.  Cyzer is a ancient Assyrian recipe for apple cider fermented with lots of honey.  It probably fell out of favor because beer and wine take a lot less time to bring to fruition.  Once in the secondary fermenter, (in my case a 5 gallon glass carboy) it is recommended that you let it set for 2 to 5 years!  While it’s not hard to make, the difficult part is leaving it alone for that long but continuing to check the water level of the airlock on a regular basis.  So I tucked the carboy behind my regular brewing supplies in the basement and set monthly reminders on my iCal.  This weekend with the Cyzer turning two, I decided to bottle three gallons of the honey colored elixer and re-racked two 1 gallon carboys of the cyzer.

Two year old cyzer

One of the gallons I plan the let sit for another two years and the other for three more years!  The taste is amazing:  Not too sweet or cloying, more wine-like than hard cider but without the astringent taste you can get with some wines.  The final SG (specific gravity) was 1.030, so it’s still got some sugar left in it.  I did sample a small amount last year and the taste was good; however the extra year in the secondary has not only allowed the flavors to mature but has added a depth of body also.  As the final two gallons age it should be interesting to see how they turn out.  Now I’m off the start a new batch of cyzer.  Yes, it does take a long time to mature but it is most definitely worth the wait!


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