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Pressure Cookin’ Soup

Posted in Uncategorized by jerseygator on October 17, 2009

Our newest kitchen gadget, the pressure cooker, has had one trial run and I was pretty impressed.  My goal is to learn to modify recipes to the pressure cooker, not to look for “pressure cooker recipes” per se.  So I thought about soups as a good place to start.

Our oldest son, Stephen, owns The Sweet Life Bakery with his wife, Jill McClennan.  Every week Steve does an article for a local newspaper, The Grapevine, on a culinary topic, ranging from the local food scene to festivals.  This week Stephen blogged about “Poor Soup,” a potato soup with collard greens added at the end.  It sounded so good, I had to give it a try.

I’m not a cook… I admit it.  I don’t have the flair that Darrol does, or the basic understanding of what goes with what.  Normally I follow recipes, as they give me a comfort level.  But today I thought, what the heck.  The potatoes and collards cost less than $5 at the local farmer’s stand so it wouldn’t be a financial disaster if the dish didn’t turn out!

I started simply… 3 slices of bacon from Mr. Pig went into the cooker over medium heat.  While the fat rendered I cut up some onions, garlic and potatoes and pulled some homemade chicken stock out of the freezer.  I pulled the bacon out of the pot and put the onions in to sweat, adding the garlic a few minutes later for just a minute or two, then adding the stock, potatoes and salt/pepper.  I put the lid on and brought it to high pressure.

After 6 minutes I turned the burner off and let the pot cool down.  After cooling, I opened the pot and found the potatoes had cooked to perfection!  It took me longer to peel and cut the potatoes than to cook them… I am so loving this pressure cooker.  I used the immersion blender to make the soup creamy, then added some cleaned collards that I had removed the stems from and cut into a chiffonade.  I stirred the green strips into the soup, put the lid back on and let it just stew for a few minutes to soften the collards.

Once the soup had cooled down, I ladled it into bowls, put a little olive oil drizzle on the top and crumbled up the bacon I had cooked earlier.  I also snipped some fresh chives from the garden into the bowl.  Darrol opted for sour cream instead of olive oil, giving the soup a creamy consistency.  Overall, a very quick, very satisfying soup for a chilly, rainy night.   Next up for the pressure cooker… beans!


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