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Heating up the kitchen

Posted in Cooking by jerseygator on September 6, 2009
Beef stock simmering away

Beef stock simmering away

Darrol made beef stock yesterday from short ribs.  A couple hours of bubbling away on the stove with “anything I can find” in the kitchen lends to not only some awesome aromas but some amazing results.  Never one to stop at one project, Darrol went on to make 3 different soups from the stock.

First Darrol indulges me by making Beef and Barley soup.  I never ate this until I was an adult, and it quickly became my absolute favorite fall and winter meal.  (Actually, soup of any kind is #1 in the cold months in my opinion.) Because he makes the soup by first making the stock out of the bones, the finished product comes out with these wonderful, smooth mouth feel.  It’s not a low-cal meal, but one that will keep you warm…

Then Darrol made a crab bisque.  This is his soup, as the rest of the family are not big on seafood soups (odd, being that we’re from Florida).  This one is full of butter and onions and will make him happy all weekend.  Finally, he made an onion/mushroom soup, full of fall flavors.  This is the soup that flavors the air in the kitchen and makes you want to set up a tent and sleep in there.

I’m a pharmacist, which is basically an applied chemistry degree.  Cooking with me can be painful, as “one cup” is 240ml, not 220 or 260.  And I measure the meniscus.  I follow recipes and have tons of cookbooks which I peruse like Science Fiction (darn interesting, but ain’t never gonna happen).  Darrol, on the other hand, is a classic kitchen cook.  Lot’s of looking in the fridge and pantry to “see what’s there.”  One thing I’ve learned from being married to Darrol… never ask him for a recipe.  He can usually list the ingredients (although they vary every time he makes something), and can sometimes gives measurements (my favorite?  Add “some”).  This can make for some frustrating kitchen adventures when we cook together.  We’ve learned to have stations.  He makes the pasta, I make the filling and create the ravioli… I’ll chop the vegies, he’ll make the stir-fry.  Like our marriage, a nice blending of flavors.

We’ll spend the next few weeks in the kitchen putting up the harvest.  Prepping, canning, freezing and drying.  We’ll also spend that time savoring the spices of our marriage and friendship, and that’s the best thing about cooking together and heating up the kitchen.


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