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Perfectly Pickled Peppers

Posted in Cooking,Garden by jerseygator on September 2, 2009
Garden peppers

Garden peppers

Although it’s been a very wet spring and summer – or perhaps because of it – our pepper plants have enjoyed a very fruitful season.  Our jalapenos have been turned into salsa, our poblanos stuffed and roasted, but when I harvested 1-1/2 pounds of banana peppers today, I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  A little internet and cookbook surfing later, I came up with a strung together recipe and pickled 3 pints worth.  These should be great on subs (or hoagies, or whatever they call them up here) and pizzas; I’m sure Darrol will come up with some other ideas!

The pickling process itself was pretty easy… boiled 2 parts vinegar to 1 part water, sterilized jars and stuffed them with sliced peppers, a garlic clove, and some salt and sugar.  A 10 minute water bath and they were ready.  I’m thinking I’ll let them sit at least a week to really pickle up (is that a term?).  Next time, I may put some little red peppers in there to give it a little color, as well.

Musical background for this post:  Marcelo Alvarez & Salvatore Licetra “Duetto” and Duke Ellington “Golden Hits.”  Retro mood tonight, I guess.

Sliced up and ready to jar

Sliced up and ready to jar

Finished pickled peppers

Finished pickled peppers


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